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better understanding the core of latino employee behavior

Tr3ce (trece) Consulting, which translates to “thirteen” combines the eight Latino scripts along with five solutions to help your business harness the power of your Latino employees. Our organization has three (3) principals all specifically qualified. Our business is simple, to help your organization succeed. The cost to employee turnover is crippling most companies, especially among diverse employees. The need to retain and develop Latinx talent is critical for business results. 

Founded by Patricia Conde-Brooks and Richard Conde, we combine over 20 years of leadership, inclusion and human resource experience focused on Latino employees. Our staff also includes Doctorate. level data scientist, demographer, and public policy experts. As one of the few companies in the nation who focus on Latinos, our expertise is uniquely able to help you. 



Latino Cultural Scripts


The importance of close, protective, and extended family relations

machismo y marianismo

Gender relations where males are responsible for providing for the family, whiles females nurture


forging meaningful, personal, and trusting relationships


Promoting pleasant relationships, positive situations, and avoiding conflict


Emphasis on the needs of the group rather than the individual 

present time orientation

The future is uncertain and not under our control


High regards granted to persons because of their formal authority


Latinx leader practice bienvenido because culture is learned

Example of how cultural scripts impact Latino employees differently