A Comprehensive Approach to Sales Funnel, Sales Leadership, and Sales Operations

 Tr3ce (Trece – 13 in Spanish) can be considered a complex, confusing, and negative number. However, through our comprehensive data-driven approach, we simplify what most believe to be difficult sales funnel, sales leadership, and sales operations issues. Through an analytical lens, we illuminate the importance of a data-driven sales organization. Plus, we offer high-level statistical analysis to help you understand if your daily focus and KPI’s have an actual correlation to your desired outcomes. 


We focus on 3 key areas.


Lead generation and sales conversions, regardless of where customers join the sales funnel.


Developing curious leaders who combine data and openess to build viable sales teams.


Maximize sales outcomes through statistical analyses that go beyond descriptive reports.

The future of sales revolves around the multitude of data points through the lens of deep data analytics.

Organizations are quickly transitioning from intuition base to data-driven selling. Why? because both B2C and B2B customers rather engage with companies through digital and self-service channels where data fingerprints provide a plethora of information. 

Tr3ce Provides innovative science-based approaches to simplify complex issues where tactics and strategy can be statistically correlated to desired outcomes.

The continuous reliance on intuition, that’s how it has always been, and surface-level analysis is limiting sales organizational success by an estimated



how we work

Our approach aims at increasing sales outcomes through the interpretation of operational, sales, personnel, and customer data.  We focus on all levels of the organization to gather pertinent information. Our involvement can be as simple as helping you understand the correct focus areas to developing full-blown machine learning that provides you with up-to-date information, which helps you focus on the right sales agent behaviors. 


Focus on a singular project to supply the  needed analytics


Concurrent data interpretation and sales operational updates


Correlate current sales metrics to actual sales success


Multicomponent data configuration