Tr3ce (pronounced treseh), we empower businesses of all sizes to unlock their full sales potential through cutting-edge analytics, AI-driven insights, and transformative leadership development. Our team, led by a former sales executive who achieved a 40% revenue increase through deep analytics, leverages the latest technologies and data-driven strategies to help organizations exceed their goals. From implementing AI-powered sales solutions to cultivating top-performing sales leaders, we provide tailored services that drive sustainable growth and competitive advantage. Partner with us and experience the power of data-driven decision-making, innovative AI applications, and executive development that elevates your sales force to new heights.




Expert perspective backed by deep knowledge and specialized skills in leveraging data to uncover actionable insights that can significantly impact sales performance.


Grants organizations access to specialized expertise in leveraging the latest artificial intelligence technologies to streamline and optimize sales processes.


ensures leaders receive personalized guidance and training from professionals with a deep understanding of best practices, industry trends, and proven strategies for driving sales success

How we work

At our consultancy, we take a collaborative approach from the very start, working closely with clients to identify their unique needs, challenges, and goals through in-depth assessments and root cause analysis. Our experienced consultants provide honest and actionable feedback, backed by data-driven insights, to pinpoint areas for improvement and develop tailored strategies that drive meaningful results. Unlike other consultants who solely focus on upfront fees, our compensation model is directly tied to the measurable increase in sales performance we deliver, aligning our interests with our client’s success. This performance-based approach ensures our efforts remain laser-focused on implementing solutions that yield tangible, bottom-line impact.


Focus on a root cause analysis to help solve the true problem


Concurrent perspectives from all areas of the organization


Correlate current people metrics to programs


Multicomponent data configuration